Computer Telephony Integration- CTI

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Computer Telephony Integration is a technology that permits integration or co-ordination of interactions on a computer and a telephone. It is also known as CTI or Computer-Telephone Integration.With expansion in the contact channels from voice to advanced methods like web, fax, and email, the description of CTI has also been expanded to incorporate the integration of all the above mentioned methods with computers.


A person using a CTI enabled computer will be able to dial a number, answer a call or end a call from his computer itself. It also provides the facility to dial a number from an address book saved on the computer. Many CTI systems also allow users to co-ordinate with teleconferencing systems. CTI is generally sorted into two categories:

  • CTI allows user to control the telephone system.
  • CTI allows telephone system to show the data through the computer.

Functions of CTI

Using CTI, the below mentioned functions can be implemented:

  • Call information display to authenticate the telephone number of the caller
  • Identifies a voice for message forwarding or authentication
  • Determination of the procedure to process a call by using recorded voice or an already entered input
  • Offer IVR (Interactive Voice Response) for callers
  • Match the caller’s number with customer data and show it on display for the sake of reference
  • Handle video and voice conferences
  • Route the fax messages to the correct fax machine
  • Pre-dial callers for outbound calling
  • Agent state control- for instance, after-call work for a particular duration, it automatically switches over to the ready state

CTI Event Flow

A normal CTI application handles the event flow that is created by the telephony control during the entire process of a call. The sequence of events is as follows- call setup (initiating), call delivery (ringing), call establishment (answering), Clearing a call (hanging up) and ending a call. The other events that can be managed by a CTI during a call are- conference call, call transfer, call forward, hold a call and retrieve from hold.

CTI also has the ability to manage events associated with Automated Call Distribution (ACD) like- agent available, agent not available, agent ready, agent not ready, agent logged in.

Standards for Computer Telephony Integration

The standards for CTI application are:

  • TAPI (Telephony Applications Program Interface): This is the Microsoft standard for CTI.
  • CSTA (Computer-Supported Telephony Application): This is a European Computer Manufacturers Association standard for CTI and is approved by ITU.
  • TSAPI (Telephony Service Application Program Interface): This is a standard by Lucent/Novell/AT&T for CTI.

The Bottom Line

Computer Telephony Integration is thus a robust collection of library routines that allows the application programs on your computer to co-ordinate with the telephone system. This is achieved by merging the ability of your telephone system with the functionality of your operating system.

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The Difference Between a VGA and SVGA Cable

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In a desktop computer setup, the VGA cable connects to the system unit to display on the monitor, The VGA cable transmits analog signals and can support resolutions up to 640 x 480. While the super video graphic array (SVGA) can carry analog signals and support resolutions up to 800 x 600. SVGA is the enhanced VGA, and it is also called Ultra VGA. Almost all SVGA cables today will support far higher resolutions other than the usual 800 x 600 standard resolutions.


These cables have plugs with their pins arranged in three rows: The first row has 5 pins, and the last rows has 5 pins too, but the middle row has 4 pins, it does look like a pin is missing, but on a contrary no pin is, in fact, missing that’s the 14-pin standard configuration. These cables will plug into any high density, VGA ports or sockets, or on any computer monitors and other compatible devices and display adapters. It’s hard to differentiate between an unlabeled VGA and an SVA cable by mere looking at it, if you have an SVGA cable connected to any compatible device or any graphics card, a default resolution of 800 x 600 should become available.


Cables that are unlabeled in most cases are SVGA cables other than the thinner cables. This is because these SVGA cables normally have much shielding than its other VGA counterpart.  If the cable is very thick, then the quality should be great.


 SVGA cables will require more video memory and graphic than VGA cables, SVGA cables supports up to 16 million colors. But with VGA cables you will only get a maximum 640 x 480 resolution, in only 16 supported colors.

Cable Quality

For better and high-resolution signals to be carried for long distance one will be required to use a better cable than that of the lower resolution signal cables which transmit over short distances. You might face problem of poor signals such as no images or blurred images as a result of using poor quality cables.


When shopping for a new cable, not just VGA cables now, always check first for the configurations of its ports to be used. Female configurations have the hole parts, while the male has the pins, check if the number of rows and the number of pins corresponds. VGA cables from are very thick and will offer great visuals. Please note that old VGA and SVGA monitors will most likely not work with newer HDMI or DVI cables.

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How VR Has Changed the Entire Experience of Mobile Games

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Nowadays, all of us are hearing the word called Virtual Reality. As per media reports, it might be a game changing experience for the entire digital medium. To grab the opportunity, now there are several companies launching virtual reality products ranging from headgear to VR-enabled games. In this space, Google Cardboard and Oculus Rift headsets are standing at the pole position. Earlier, when these devices were in the market, there were several issues with compatibility, resolution etc. But as time passed by, the display resolution and other stuffs are also increasingly improving. Now, the headsets are supporting 1080 X 1200 display resolution too. And not only that, now one can enjoy high frame rate per second (90 frames per second) using the headset, which helps them explore much more details on the screen.

With this huge improvement, the gaming experience has also changed and now gaming companies are trying to incorporate VR technology into the games as gamers will get a much more realistic feel rather than just viewing it on the screen.

In this phase, both AMD and Nvidia had made clever software tricks, which were designed to let the user experience gaming in much more realistic way. Especially they had incorporated more frames from GPU; AMD called its VR software LiquidVR and Nvidia’s is called VR Works.
As we already discussed, the power of more frame means more graphics and heavy games can be played on this VR-enabled headset.

AMD’s LiquidVR is backed by two or four GPU, which enables the enhancement of performance along with the same Nividia’s VR SLI. It’s already present in the domain, which is backed by SteamVR Performance Test.

So, to grab the attention and get more market share, game developing companies are trying to adopt the new technology. In this league, several games are ready to launch with VR technology.
Lucky’s Tale is one example, which supports Oculus Rift. In this game, there is a character called Mario, which is available in 64 different styles and looks fabulous on the in the 3D platforms. It is one of the fabulous games in the VR games segment. As we know, this game is known for its visuals and so in 3D too all the stuffs are easily replicated.

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Download Zapya for PC

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If you install Zapya on PC, you have the chance of enjoy a myriad of different features. This goes a long way in enabling you to have the very best time as you end up obtaining a myriad of file sharing and transfer options. This is a fast and easy way of getting documents transferred and in a safe and secure manner. Cool 3D features- the developer has invested widely in the 3D features. This gives you good visual and sound features, which makes it easy for you to have fun and enjoy.

  • Enjoy fast file transfer mode- you now have the chance of sharing your documents and office files easily. This happens with the simple touch of a button.
  • Enjoy cool features- if you love the latest graphical presentation, you are in the right place. This application has the very best features, which gives you the chance of enjoying the best transfer and sharing options.
  • Easy to operate- there are helpful features on the application, which gives you the chance of operating the application easily.
  • Follow the tutorial- you do have the chance of getting the information you want and this happens when you simply invest in the tutorial. Many people want to use this application in order to transfer bulky files. This shall come in handy when you simply settle for this application. However, you need to make sure you have a deep understanding of the file transfer mode. You will find the tutorial informative as you use the application.

These are the best features of the application, which makes many people to enjoy and use it effectively. You also have the chance of using this application. You shall have the chance of getting the very best 3 D features, and enjoy a collection of easy transfer and sharing options.

Using Zapya for PC

If you want to know the right way of using Zapya on PC, you simply need to follow the instructions. If you fail to follow these instructions, you shall find it hard to end up with the right points. This is the reason why many people opt to go through the tutorial. You shall have the chance of understanding the application, the right way of using it to your benefit. This is the best way, which shall give you the chance of learning aspects of the application. You also gain experience as you go along the way.

Zapya on PC

Many people want to download Zapya of PC, but they cannot get the facts right. This game is applicable on the computer-enabled devices. This way, you have the opportunity of ending up with the correct solutions. Sadly, some people do not follow the right process of installation and this limits them from accessing the full benefits. However, people who follow the correct channel shall have it installed, and they shall get the opportunity of using it each time they want. You can install it in your computer, phone and other devices, which can access the applications. This way, you have the chance of using it in the office, at home, or even when traveling.

Installing Zapya on PC

If you are looking for the right way of installing Zapya on PC, you need to make sure that you follow all the right instructions. This is the only way you shall end up obtaining high quality results. Gone are the days, when one would struggle to find the correct application of installing the application and end up with the wrong version. These days, you have the chance of getting the correct application and simply follow the process of installation and you shall have the game to your disposal. Simply follow all the right download details and you shall only need to do this once and you are good to use the application when you want.

How to Download Zapya on PC for your PC:

Step 1: Download the android emulator software Andy and it is available for free. Click here to download: Download

Step 2: Start the installation of Andy by clicking on the installer file you downloaded.

Step 3: When the software is ready to be used, start it and complete the sign up procedure and login with Google Play account.

Step 4: Start Google play store app and use its search tool to search Zapya on PC download.

Step 5: Find Worms™ 3Free and start the installation.

Step 6: Launch the game and you can now play Zapya on PC on pc using a mouse or your keyboard and even your touchscreen, you can use the control button to emulate the pinch function to zoom in and out.

Step 7: You can also install remote control app form here for remotely accessing the game: Andy remote control app

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Android TV and Apps

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Have you heard concerning the new Android TV? These televisions have caught the flamboyant of individuals while offering a different way to look at television. Whether it is doing offers or browsing the internet, an Android TV provides a lot.

However, Android apps weren’t that simple to create. So, if you’re searching forward for developers to create apps for Android TV too, you have to consider certain aspects first.

Here’s phone difficulties developers face when making an Android TV box application.

Developers strive, investing in large amount of ideas, time and effort into creating a great product. However, many developers neglect to have a couple of key steps that will help them create that magical application. It needs to be appreciated that nearly everybody includes a smartphone today. While there are many apps for that Android smartphones, apps that are particularly created for having fun with Android TVs continue to be not too full of number. Developers have to meet different challenges to create newer and apps. Allowing the best product and managing to obtain loyal customers needs a good strategy.

About apps

The application icon and also the interface ought to be neat and be simple to use. Users start to form opinions concerning the application after they download it. Developers should browse the reports from users to discover the needs.

Resolution of the census

Developers get vast details about application users and usage from users. If you’re thinking to produce a new application, you have to think just like a marketer and critically evaluate the marketplace to find out your target demographic. For example, in case your application concentrates at low-earnings people inside a particular age bracket, why would you consider building apps for iOS?

Obviously, should you choose that, it will cost more income and building apps for that wrong audience. Android TV apps particularly, have to be more desirable.

Buying metrics that may be quantified

Most developers don’t learn how to make proper utilization of application usage data. Like a developer, you need to read using application data by users every day. Developers also needs to use reports which show how effective their ads are and just how much they are able to possibly monetize it.

Network for discoverability

Networking along with other application developers is a superb way by which you’ll bring your apps to increased heights. Utilize social systems as well as guest blog regarding your application in other application developers’ blogs. You may also simply attend workshops or webinars where application development may be the subject. Building relationships within the right circles can provide results that you simply never anticipated.


Developers require extra effort and research to be released with something innovative. If they’re developing an application to have an Android TV, they have to first be aware of audience well to know the requirements and preferences. There are many ways of using this method. Like a developer, the end result should really be easy to use for that users.

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How to Choose the Right Spy App for Your Mobile Phone?

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Spy apps for mobile phones are the best way to keep a track of what your kids are doing, the activities of your spouse if you doubt him or her, or to monitor what your employees are doing during the office hours. There are several such apps available in the market that choosing a good one may seem to be a daunting task for users. Here’s a short guide that can help you select the right spy app for your mobile phone.

Different spy apps are designed for different needs. Based on your specific needs, you have to opt for the right one. And for this, you first need to understand the purpose for which you are looking for such an app. For instance, the app you choose to monitor your children’s activities may not be suitable for employee tracking. Remember that you life may turn upside down if you happen to go for the wrong one.

Secondly, you have to install a spy app that is supported by your target mobile phone and should suit your budget; it should also cover your monitoring requirements.

Reading user reviews of the shortlisted apps can help you make a better decision. So, search for such reviews online and find out how user experiences have been. Keep in mind that it’s the best choice always to opt for tested apps like Highster mobile app. If you are planning to go for any new player in the market, beware of spams; before finalizing on such apps, ask for demo version. If you are satisfied with the app, then you can select it.

Prepare a list of the choices you would like to consider and compare them on the basis of factors like features, reliability, functionality, and user feedback so that you can make an informed decision. Features like real-time GPS tracking, text message monitoring, browser history, call monitoring, social media monitoring, video and photo log, contacts monitoring, blocking networks and apps are basically important for any spy app. Free trials are an added advantage as you can be ensured of the app’s reliability by the end of the trial period and be assured of good performance.

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If you’ve iOS or Android devices and want to use VoIP, then it’s beneficial; there are many voice calling applications, such as Viber and Skype. Most have both the apps, but use the ones, which are handy and cost effective.

You need to install the right app for getting free-calls feature; both Skype and Viber are good for free call making. Skype is already in the top list, while the popularity of Viber is soaring with every passing day. Let’s check the features offered by both apps. The comparison gives you a clear picture to choose the best app among the two.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) in Viber has gained a major amount of popularity across all platforms. The first contender against Viber would be Skype, which is having a broad PC clientele. Viber, which made its debut on mobile platforms, is now slowly moving into PC version. Skype works better on tablets and notebook and of late, people have started using it on smartphones. The popularity of Skype is very high and Viber is trying to reach that level, with innovative and advanced features added to its updates.

Free mobile calling and text platform Viber is expanding to take on Skype with a new update, known as ‘Viber Out’ that allows users to call any mobile users across the globe. Initially, people could call only those users, having Viber app installed; but now, it’s possible to reach out to any people; with this feature, you can call anybody, provided you’re willing to pay the charges. With ‘Viber Out’ going global, its long distance costs are becoming better than Skype. Call rates to mobiles, and landlines are attractive, unlike Skype that has expensive pricing depending on the nation. The call charges to landlines (US) cost 1.9cents in comparison with Skype’s 2.3 cents/min. However, if you opt for monthly subscription, it just charges 1.8cents under Skype scheme. In UK, call charges are 1.9cents against 2.3cents/min; for example, calling a friend in Australia is charged 2.3cents through Skype, while the charge is same on Viber to landlines.

Though Viber is inexpensive than Skype, it depends on whether the other end is landline or mobile and where you are calling.

Ease of Use

Be it any app, the first thing that people are concerned is ease of use; both Skype and Viber do not need any special instructions and you’ll not face troubles for downloading or installing it on phone or tab. The main difference is Skype is PC friendly, while Viber is phone app. While installing, Viber needs mobile number, wherease Skype needs email-id and username as mandatory fields for confirmation.

Cost and Clarity

Viber is free to make unlimited calls and messages to anyone. Both apps have similar features, including call rates.

When it comes to quality or clarity of calls, Skype would be the smarter choice; it makes use of enhanced codec and HD voice as well. If popularity factor is considered, Skype wins this battle; but, for mobile users, Viber is the better choice. Skype offers best quality calls, but in terms of data consumption, it’s a hog!

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Workflow is one of the most productive apps that you can ever see in iPhone. With very small automations, it reduces multi-step methods with a single click and makes some processes very simple and easy, which was not possible with iPhone. Extracting zip files and downloading files are now easy in iPhone.

Now let us have a glance at some of the processes.

Track Expenses

Tracking expenses is one of the easiest tasks in any of the business processes. It may be monotonous and time consuming. With the help of ‘send receipt’ workflow, you can take any file from Dropbox and send it to your boss with few clicks. Upon opening the application, you will get the option to pick photos; you can very easily pick photos of business trip or any purchase. The photos will be uploaded to preliminary Dropbox directory and eventually you will end up creating a draft email with the Dropbox link and short description about the content. All you need to do is shed few more drops of ink and hit on send.

AirDrop Recent Screenshots

Most of the office maniacs take a lot of screenshots. While you do it now with iOS, the screenshots goes and stores itself in my Mac through AirDrop. By using the Airdrop screenshot drop box, you can see the list of recent uploaded screenshots in one panel and the option to choose the nearest Apple device to send. With only few clicks, the game is over.

Turn Websites into PDFs

Only few clicks can give the desired PDF. Most of us love to take screenshots of webpages. It is very easy. You can see the Share button and you just have click on ‘Make PDF’. A preview of the PDF will appear; you can share this. You will get a screenshot of the PDF that you can share.

Get EXIF for Images

By default, there is no provision to view EXIF data for images on iOS; however, there are ample of third party apps, which allow editing EXIF data. But many a times, we get stuck ourselves when we want to know the time and place of a taken picture. However, it becomes impossible, though it is now possible with iOS. Open an image, click on Run Workflow and hit on the image details and it’s done.

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Facebook is undoubtedly the biggest platform in the world today to showcase yourself. It logs in around a billion users every month and it has more than 600 million active users logging in everyday; not to mention these numbers are growing at a rapid rate.

Make Full Use of Power of Facebook

Over the last few years, the number of Facebook users logging in from mobile devices has gone past the number of users logging in from a computer.

This is one social networking platform that you can’t give a pass to and we at iQuest Media are here to create the spark on your behalf in the world of Facebook. We do so by creating outstanding and innovative apps of different types based on your requirements and needs. The buzz a Facebook app can create for you can’t be matched with any other marketing endeavors.

Our FB Development Services

Following are some of the services offered by us:

  • Apps for utility
  • Gaming app
  • Contest based apps
  • Coupon based apps
  • Open graph development
  • Facebook Connect implementation
  • Poll based apps
  • Quiz based apps
  • E-commerce based apps
  • General survey based apps

We Love to Innovate

Our in-house team of Facebook app developers has years of experience in creating innovative apps for attracting more and more profits and customers to you. Our utility based apps can give additional functionalities to your customers, the functionalities that they never expected to have in an app.

With our gaming apps, you can engage more customers and reward them through our sleek contest apps that are exciting enough for people to participate in them.

Open Graph Development

We also offer open graph development and Facebook connect implementation along with various other services. This wide assortment of Facebook related services can definitely give you a big edge over your rivals.

Contact iQuest Media today to get appealing, exciting and fun Facebook apps and see your business grow through the magic of social media and Facebook.

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